How to stay productive in the summer

Hi all!

Welcome to Kate’s Internet Cafe! Today I want to talk to you about how I stay productive during the summer. Summer is a great time. You’re out of school, you can sleep in, get a job, hang out on weeknights, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately in this wonderful hot daze, you can also lose sight of things that need to get done. It’s a time when you may slip down a rabbit hole of pools and sunshine, and soon realize it’s quite hard to climb back up to the real world. I’ve spent the past few summers trying to stay on top of the game, balance what I want to do with what I need to do (and sometimes they even over lap!) So, without further ado, I give you the best tips I have on how to stay productive this summer.

1.Wake up early 

I know this first step may sound daunting. Who in their right mind would want to wake up any earlier than they have to? I used to be a night owl, I would stay up until the early hours of the morning and wake up around noon the next day. I will admit that used to be my favorite part of summer, but it didn’t do much for the side of me that had to get stuff done. The simple truth is, if you wake up earlier, you have more time. I would recommend getting out of bed before 9 every morning. It may hurt the first few weeks, but before you know it, you will come to love the feeling. It’s almost indescribable, but getting up and feeling as though you can take on the day is a great thing.

2. Get a planner 

This may seem all too obvious, but ever since I started writing down exactly what I needed to do, my life has done a 180. I would suggest one with a monthly and weekly view. That way you can see big picture as well as day to day stuff. Even if you don’t have things you need but rather should do, like cleaning, you can write that down too. For example:

10:00-12:00 Clean Bedroom

This way even if you don’t finish the entire task you can feel as though you accomplished what you wanted, and then finish it the next day. It makes the task seem more doable, it’s only 2 hours, then you’re done! If you’re in need of planner, this one is my personal favorite. It’s cute and functional, a win-win!

Planning your day, even downtime, is a great way to ensure you stay on top of what you have to do and make sure you’re using your time wisely.

3. Get a job

This is one that may be a little more difficult depending on your age or where you live. If it is possible for you to get a job, I highly suggest it. Having a mandatory place you have to be makes it easier to plan your day. I’ve noticed that since I started working it became easier to get myself moving, I couldn’t lounge around all day anymore. If you can’t get a job for some reason, consider starting a blog or youtube channel. Whether you make money or not, use it as something you have to work on every day. You’ll start to see yourself changing into a more organized and productive person.

4. Start working out

Working out doesn’t have to mean running 10 miles every day and lifting hundreds of pounds at the gym. It could be as easy as going for a bike ride with friends, or taking your dog on a walk. Exercising has proven to be linked with increased alertness and productivity. If it does all of this and keeps your body healthy, why not? I can personally attest to the positive impact working out has had on my life. Regular exercise used to seem scary, almost impossible. There’s no comparable feeling to seeing your body change and grow stronger. It doesn’t have to be to loose weight or fit in to some box that society has told women we must look like. Rather, use it to push your mental and physical strength to their limits, and see that you are capable of overcoming whatever obstacle you have in front of you. After finishing a tough workout, I always feel like I can take on the world.

5. Be Realistic 

This final tip may be the most important. You have to be realistic about what you can accomplish in a day, week, year – whatever it may be. Have an honest conversation with yourself about what needs to happen and how much time you need to get it done. Let’s say you have 15 things to do and you try to accomplish it all in one day. Maybe you only get four items crossed off your list. Nothing hurts productivity like disappointment and discouragement.

You also need to make sure you’re not putting too much on your plate and find that you burn out. Make sure you’re giving yourself time to relax and have fun. There has to be a balance. Once you find it, trust me, it feels amazing.


Welp…that just about covers it for this post! I hope you found it not only informative, but also helpful. Feel free to leave a comment below, I always love to here what others think! Until next time!