How to transform your teen room into an adult haven

Hi all! Welcome back to a new post! I Recently did a little room transformation, and I could not be more excited with how it turned it out! I had to undertake this project a little unexpectedly… my entire room flooded and all my furniture was ruined. A drain pipe was not configured right (or something like that) and rain ended up pouring into my room through a window.

I had a platform bed, and the water ended up breaking it. The wood wasn’t necessarily top-notch. The bed molded and eventually splintered until it just broke. The floor was completely ruined, so we had to put in carpet. This is not the first issue we’ve had with flooding, so we decided not to put in the same expensive floor and opted for something cheaper. So to sum up this little background, I got new carpet and needed a new bed. This is the only relevant information you need to know going into the rest of this post. Without further ado, let’s get into how I transformed my room from an angsty-teen cave to an adult, minimalist haven.

Part 1: My room

In this first part of the post I wanted to show you some before and after photos as well as my favorite parts of my room. I’m hoping you guys will be able to see my thought process through this adventure as well as gather some inspiration. This was my room before:

I do apologize for the low quality photo, I hadn’t planned on writing this post until after the room was finished, so I had to fish through old photos to find examples. As you can see my walls were covered with stuff. There were polaroids, band posters (which I though made me super indie), maps, and anything else I could tape onto a wall.

At the time, I loved my room. It felt like an outward representation of who I was. My friends, the music I listed to, the movies I watched, and more. It felt cozy and safe. Even as I look at this picture I miss the way my room used to look, in a way it brings me back to a different time. That being said, I wouldn’t make it look like this now, just sometimes I wish I was 14 again.

This is what my room looks like now. For reference the before and after photos were taken from the same location so you can have a general overview of what has changed.

I will talk about this more later, but I’m moving soon. I didn’t want to put anything on the walls that I would eventually have to take down. That’s why the room looks so bare.

As you can see in the first photo, I have a record player on the left side of my bed. Up until recently I never really had any place to put that. Now I have what I call my “music bench”.

I found this TV table at Goodwill for $7 and found the wooden box that is on it at a consignment store for $12. That box holds all of my textbooks and reference material for my musical projects. The little wicker container is from Target and I have a portable speaker as well as all of my tapes in there. You will see in a minute that all of my books used to sit on bookshelves that were a part of my desk. When I changed desks I needed a new place to put them. A little box like this not only looks good from a decorative standpoint, but it is also saves a lot of space.

This was my old desk:

As you can see it has even more stuff taped to it and overall looks like a cluttered mess. You can see that it had this built in book shelf which, as I mentioned, I replaced with decorative boxes including this one:

When picking out a new desk I was immediately drawn to the rustic/reclaimed wood look.

I found this desk on Etsy and I really like it! It is relatively cheap compared to some others that I looked at and I really like that it has some storage space. The one thing I will say is that the legs are very tall. So tall in fact, that I will have to buy new legs to make it more height appropriate. I’m short, but even for a tall person this desk it tall.

The wood is so beautiful and it looks really good with a few green plants. I know those are the trend, but when I sit down to work they honestly make me feel so good.

My new bed is basically an unfinished wood frame. I used to have a platform bed, but I will never go back now. The under-bed storage opportunities are amazing and they save so much space! I used to have a huge dresser in my closet that took up so much room. Now I have those white things that hold all of my t-shirts and underwear (anything I can’t hang in my closet).

The bedding is super old, it’t a duvet cover I got from my sister. Sometimes I take the duvet cover off and just used the white comforter underneath, and I think that looks really nice too. I would recommend any solid pattern or minimal design bedding if you’re trying to achieve a more mature look. White and grey are my two personal favorites when it comes to bedding.

The nice thing about this bed is can finish it however I want. I think I will probably stain it, but I haven’t gotten there yet. I think I will also get a bed skirt to hide the storage boxes, I just haven’t do it yet.

My old room was covered with posters and photos. I took them all down and repainted the wall. I think that it’s nice to have one clear wall. I am planning on moving soon so I’m not going to be hanging up any new things on my wall right now. I would like to hang something like this onto a wall at my new house. I think putting little plants and other knickknacks  would look really great.

I also love my bedside table that’s perfect for little things I want close at hand. I got the table from goodwill, which used to be totally painted blue. I removed most of the paint, but left a little for a more rustic feel.

Now that you’ve seen some of the stuff I did with my room and maybe gathered some ideas I wanted to share with you some of my best tips for a project like this. The second section of this post includes all of the information I think is most important when undertaking a room transformation project.

I don’t want you to think that my room is “goals”. It’s probably not what you would be repining on to your “dream bedroom” board. In fact, I think there’s a lot more I can do with this room, and probably will once I move houses. I wanted to show you that it is possible to transform your room into a more mature version of what it was. When I go into my room I feel so much more at peace because everything isn’t everywhere. This is just the beginning for my room. I’ve had so much fun working on it so far I just felt that I wanted to share it with you all.

Part 2: Planning your project

1: Determine your budget and stick to it 

It it so important to establish how much money you are going to spend on your new room and stick to it. If your budget is $500 and the new bed you want is $450, there’s going to be very little room left for anything else. Going into this, you have to expect that it will be expensive, but it doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. I made so many goodwill trips looking for nice furniture that I’ve lost count, but it saved me so much money! If your budget is infinite, that’s great! Just make sure you know how much you are going to spend and stick to it!

2: Be patient

Nothing will happen overnight! If you go into this expecting it to be a 1 day project you will be severely disappointed. From where I started to now, it probably took about 5 months. I do think this time range may be a little extreme as most of you won’t be dealing with water damage and new floors. Either way, be prepared for a process not an immediate change. There will be days where there is so much stuff on the floor and the your room is such a mess that you feel like your head will fall off. Relax, it’s all part of it and will eventually sort itself out.

3: Look online to gather ideas and have a clear vision of what you want

If you go into anything without a plan, your chances of success decrease greatly. It was extremely valuable to me to have goals and visions of what I wanted to achieve with my room. You can check out my Pinterest board here wear I collected photos of apartments and spaces that went along with my vision. Eventually when I move into my own place I will want the rest of my apartment to go with my room. The way I see it, I’m just collecting furniture now that will eventually go into my apartment. A win-win!

4: Have a piece of furniture you are designing around 

For me, this was my new bed. As I told you all, I had to get a new bed and I wanted to ensure that going forward everything would match with its aesthetic. You could pick anything: a desk, side table, rug, entertainment unit, etc. Pick what you want to be your staple piece and make sure everything else matches that. I think that’s the best way to not get overwhelmed and ensure you will have a cohesive room at the end of everything. I chose an unfinished wood bed frame. The end goal is to finish it with a stain, although I haven’t done that yet. When I was picking out the rest of my furniture I made sure to think about if it would match the stained wood bed frame.

5: Understand color 

I know this may sound weird, but do a little research on color! Especially if you are painting or getting new bedding. Make sure you know the effects that colors have. Pick a color scheme that will benefit you! White tends to make spaces look larger. If you’re trying to maximize your room size, white might be a great option! Dark colors can make a room feel smaller. If you’re trying to make your room feel cozy and personal, you might want to pick something darker! There’s also hidden concerns with some colors. For example, research has proved that the color blue can keep you up at night. It’s often referred to in reference to technology, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look into before deciding to paint your room.

5. Go to resale shops 

I know I already touched on this a little bit earlier in the post where I talked about going to goodwill. Honestly though, this is part of what made my room so great! I found pieces and gathered ideas from furniture consignment shops and repurposed furniture stores. Prices are often much much cheaper, and you are more likely to find something unique. My room now has the “music bench” which I didn’t even know I liked or wanted until I saw that old TV table at Goodwill. The price tags and all the great ideas you can get at these stores make them an extremely valuable asset.

I hope you all have enjoyed this post! Next week I’m going to be diving back into some beauty content with a makeup look that I’ve been wearing a lot this summer. If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to my mailing list and get notified when I post! I hope you all have a great week and I will see you next Wednesday!