Style Stealer: Europe 2017 Part 2

Hi all!

Welcome back, and a special welcome to any new visitors! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week, and I’m excited to share the second part of this two part post on this lovely hump day. Over the second part of our vacation we travelled to Greece! Ever since I read the Percy Jackson books in 6th grade, I’ve dreamed of traveling to Athens. I was so fortunate to have been able to go experience this amazing city, as well as Santorini for a day. I hope you enjoy this post, leave a comment if anything sparked your interest!

Day 1: Acropolis 

On our first day in Athens, the logical thing to do was go to the Acropolis, so of course, that’s what we did. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so amazed as I was on this day. To see these thousand-year-old ruins in person was a surreal experience. I couldn’t believe that people had actually built this incredible infrastructure. In case you’re unaware, the acropolis is built on top of a massive hill, so not only did they complete the unbelievable feat, but they did so on top of a mountain. They literally had to haul enormous blocks up a hill to build these temples to their gods. It was a magical moment.

The outfit I wore is pretty hot in today’s society. Everyone appears to be wearing some form of these striped bottoms. While I don’t usually buy into trends (because I know they’ll go out of style in a few months) I really liked these pants. I actually bought them at Zara while shopping in Paris, but once again I couldn’t find them on their website. These ones from Macy’s are pretty similar though, and like I said, they’re everywhere right now. My favorite thing about these pants is you looking daring stepping out in them, but it’s not actually that much of a risk. They make quite a statement! They’re also super comfortable – an always appreciated bonus!

The shirt I’m wearing is literally a white t-shirt. There is nothing I can say about this shirt that you probably don’t already know. I’m not sure where it’s from (I want to say Nordstrom Rack) but it’s really just a basic shirt. If you don’t already own one, you can buy one essentially anywhere. I do have one note though. If I were to recreate this outfit now, I would wear it with a more fitted shirt. I didn’t have one while on vacation, and since I’d bought the pants the other day in Paris, I wasn’t planning on this outfit. I think that a tighter top would help the proportions a little better.

One of my favorite parts of Athens was the sheer amount of dogs and cats walking around. On one hand, it is a little sad that they don’t have homes. On the other, they’re super well taken care of by the community of Athens (locals and tourist alike). The animals are super docile, probably because they can count on humans for easy food. Either way, it was really cool to see all the animals since we really don’t have that where I’m from. These two followed us around for about 10 minutes before opting for a nap in the sun instead.

Athens is an extremely friendly town, all of the locals are some of the most outgoing and welcoming people I’ve ever met. I bought the ring above is from a local artist who sold his jewelry on the street. He worked with his father (who didn’t speak much English), but they both were extremely goodnatured and warm. I’ve never been immersed in a more welcoming city and culture.

Day 2: Exploring Santorini 

At the wee hours of the morning my dad, sister, and I dragged ourselves out of bed and hoped into an uber to make a 40 minute trek to the airport. We got on an Embraer 195 and flew to the picturesque island of Santorini. I was basically Lena from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, FYI. We rented this old Jeep Wrangler that acted as our porter between the many little island towns.

Our first stop was at the town of Oia, which is basically the image that popped into your head when I said we travelled to Santorini. It’s got the white buildings constructed right into the side of a cliff with the blue roofs. It is absolutely stunning. I had my breath taken away even though the day we were there was unfortunately overcast and chilly.

I wore this cotton jumpsuit from Zara that I had bought the same day I bought the pants I wore in Athens. Of course it’s just my look that I can’t find it on their website now. This one is basically a nicer version of what I’m wearing, although it is a bit pricey. If you’re trying to achieve a similar look without breaking the bank, I would suggest this one. I don’t own this one and truthfully don’t know much about the brand, but it has gotten a lot of great reviews, so I thought I would link it.

Jumpsuits are amazing for so many reasons, in particular how versatile they are! They look extremely dressed up with a pair of heals, but can easily be used for running errands with some tennis shoes or sandals. For my ~island getaway~ I wore a pair of sandals, but it would look great with any shoes!

The jacket I’m wearing is featured in the first part of this post; if you haven’t read it it’s linked here. You should definitely go check that out! As I mentioned there, this jacket is six years old, and still going strong! I absolutely love the fit of it – it’s not too oversized or undersized. Since it is six years old, I knew there was no hope of me finding the actual jacket. In my last post I said it resembled this Levi’s trucker jacket, and I still stand by that. Eventually I may end up buying the Levi’s one just because I love it so much.

I accessorized with a blue headband I got from Global Gifts. It was an extremely windy day and I needed to be able to control my mane. This outfit would look really neat with some soft waves, which I was sort of able to produce quickly for this photo. If I could have walked around all day like this, I would have felt like a queen.


Day 3: Acropolis Museum and Ice Cream 

We got back to our hotel in Athens from Santorini around 2 in the morning. If you remember, we woke up at 5 to go to Santorini. So we had pretty close to a 24 hour day. It will come as no surprise that we slept in pretty late and had a lazy morning. By the time we got out of the hotel, it was around 1 o’clock.

We went to the acropolis museum this day, which was incredible. There was so much history and culture packed into one building. I would honestly suggest going to the museum before the Acropolis simply because you will have better context. I thought I knew a lot about mythology and Ancient Greek culture when I went to the Acropolis, but boy was I wrong.

I wore an off the shoulder dress this day, trying to keep my outfit as simple as possible since it was hard to drag myself out of bed in the morning. I’m wearing this Abound dress that I got at Nordstrom Rack. The dress is really comfortable although I will say the sleeves don’t always stay put. It’s supposed to be off the shoulder, but it kept popping up onto my shoulders. I don’t know if it was just me or if this is a common problem for people and off the shoulder outfits. Let me know if this ever happens to you.

After our delicious ice cream, we headed back to the hotel. I think we were all so tired we barely had the energy to get through the small portion of the day we were awake!


Day 4: Temple of Zeus, First Olympic Stadium, The Lyceum, and Lycabettus Hill 

On our last day in Greece, we finished the last few historical sights we wanted to visit. I was at the bottom of my suitcase but finally found an outfit I liked!

I wore this old, strappy shirt that I found in the back of the sale room at Urban Outfitters. If you find any pattern in this post it’s that I can’t seem to find any of my clothes to link them. I found this one which gives off a similar vibe or this one from target that’s a little cheaper.

I paired the top with this high-neck, Aerie bralette. I thought it looked cute peeking through the top. It ended up looking a little like one shirt.

The jeans that I chose to wear are these Current/Elliott ones. I know that the price tag on these is pretty expensive, but there are ways to get them cheaper! (Look out for my post on buying expensive clothes for less!) If you can afford expensive denim, I highly recommend it! My sister taught me the value of good denim, and I will never go back. They make your entire lower body look amazing, and they tend to fit better and last longer. I have never bought a pair of high-end jeans for full price though, looking and feeling amazing doesn’t have to break the bank!

The Current/Elliot jeans are great because they are extremely comfortable! I legit hiked to the top of the mountain in these bad boys and they were perfect!

This pretty much ended our European adventure, but don’t worry there’s still one more location and outfits! We had another huge layover in Helsinki, so the next morning after a few hours on a plane we jumped on the cleanest tram I’ve ever been on and headed into the city center!

Day 5: Exploring Helsinki

The first thing you all need to know is that Helsinki was COLD, and I mean COLD. I had not planned on needing a winter coat, so naturally, I did not have one.

I had to improvise by wearing this Madewll turtle neck (which is on sale now, HOLLA). With a leather jacket on top. I talked about the leather jacket I’m wearing in part 1 of this post, so make sure to go check that out!

I had to wear airplane appropriate pants, so I wore these patterned Harem pants that I thrifted in Paris. I don’t usually wear bottoms like this, but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the look.


We basically just walked around to look at the city (or the small portion we could see in three hours) and we got some lunch. It was a lot of fun to explore a new place, if you ever have a long layover I highly recommend exploring the city, even if you only have a few hours.

This covers the outfits I wore on my trip to Europe this spring! I hope you all enjoyed this two part post! Stay tuned for next week where I’ll be talking about a little room transformation I did recently!